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Welcome to Zigfield Havana Silk Dog website, formerly known as Zigfield Havanese. We are committed to preserving and protecting the Havana Silk Dog breed in its original Cuban form.  As responsible breeders, our certified Havana Silk Dogs have met the requirements of the Havana Silk Dog Association of America and provided documentation through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and a DNA profile to validate parentage. These include health screening our adult dogs for BAER (hearing), hips, patellas, CERF (eyes), elbows, and cardiac.  All of our dogs are also evaluated for temperament.  Additionally, they have passed a conformation evaluation by a certified HSDAA evaluator and submitted soaped photos demonstrating soundness and proper proportion.  All of our puppies are registered with the Havana Silk Dog Association of America (HSDAA).



In 2000, when it became apparent that the particular form of dwarfism often found in the Havanese throughout the US and Europe was associated with many of the health problems plaguing the breed, a small group of American breeders began choosing only those dogs with straight, equal forelegs for breeding, adding straight legged dogs from the Russian and post-revolutionary Cuban gene pools to strengthen their lines. Within three generations,  a ‘“new” dog started to emerge, and to reproduce itself with a consistency astonishing in a breed heretofore famous for its lack thereof. Besides displaying the straight legs and physical soundness that the breeders were selecting for, this "new” dog was invariably leaner of bone, with a much flatter, silkier coat, a longer more refined muzzle and smaller ears, a longer neck, more angulation, a dropped croup, and a crosier tail carried waving like a plume high over the rump. In short, it was a much different and much more elegant dog.

In early 2007, those fanciers preferring both the look and general robust health of  these very different dogs split off completely from the Havanese breed, establishing their own national Parent Club and registry for the express purpose of preventing any further interbreeding with the Havanese.

The old name Havana Silk Dog was chosen for this newly restored breed because the traits displayed so consistently in these dogs (but not described in the current Havanese standard) were precisely those pictured and described in the dogs of Cuba prior to the establishment and subsequent popularity of the Havanese in the U.S. Because the restoration of the Havana Silk Dog was in truth a happy accident resulting from the founding breeders recognition of the importance of soundness and health in a breeding program, full registration of intact animals by the Havana Silk Dog Association of America, the breed’s national Parent Club, requires an OFA/CHIC number, a DNA profile, and a physical evaluation to exclude from the gene pool dogs displaying short or bowed forelegs and other deviations from soundness and traditional Cuban breed type.

Copyright 2007 Havana Silk Dog Association of America.

For further research on this wonderful little dog, please visit the Havana Silk Dog Association Website at www.havanasilkdog.org


Our Dogs

All of our dogs and puppies live in our home. They are raised with lots love and attention. We occasionally have puppies available to carefully selected homes.  Please call or write about our available puppies or our reservation list.



We do not ship puppies!  You will find that reputable Havana Silk Dog breeders do not ship their puppies. Zigfield Havana Silk Dogs in Waterford, Michigan, is conveniently located near the following airports:

-Detroit Metropolitan Airport, is approximately one hour

-Flint Bishop Airport, is approximately 45 minutes

-Oakland International Airport (private planes) is 10 minutes

Your new puppy can fly home with you inside the cabin in a soft carrier bag

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